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Megathread Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago


While details are still accumulating and being confirmed, reportedly the FBI's raid earlier this week discovered classified documents at former president Trump's Florida residence.

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Read the FBI's search warrant for Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property usatoday.com
Trump lawyer blows up his “planted” evidence claims: Trump watched “the whole thing” on CCTV - Trump claims "nobody" was allowed to watch the FBI raid but he and his family watched through surveillance footage salon.com
Trump explodes on Truth Social over report that FBI targeted nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago salon.com
All the times Donald Trump has leaked classified information, including nuclear secrets FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search is not the ex-president’s first alleged run-in with respect to confidential information independent.co.uk
FBI collected multiple sets of classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home npr.org
FBI seized 'top secret' documents from Trump home apnews.com
This Is Insane': Search Warrant Indicates FBI Investigating Trump for Espionage Act Violation - "If you're not fed up," said watchdog group Public Citizen, "you're not paying enough attention." commondreams.org
Some Republicans express concern about Trump reportedly taking documents about nuclear weapons to Mar-a-Lago, even as they bash the FBI businessinsider.com
House GOP stands by Trump despite revelation FBI searched for nuclear documents washingtonpost.com
Here's What FBI Took From Trump's Mar-a-Lago, According to New Report newsweek.com
FBI took 11 sets of documents from Trump's home bbc.com
FBI pushes back against attacks over Trump search amid worries about violence thehill.com
FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents in Trump search: report thehill.com
FBI removed top secret documents from Trump's home, WSJ reports reuters.com
FBI seized 11 sets of classified documents in Trump Mar-a-Lago raid nypost.com
GOP contorts itself in defense of Trump as new FBI search details emerge Republicans who days ago were near-united in blasting the Justice Department are allowing that nuclear weapons-related materials at Mar-a-Lago might be problematic. politico.com
Trump search: Top secret papers, Roger Stone clemency and Macron information among seized documents, report says independent.co.uk
FBI agents found dozens of classified documents in Mar-a-Lago search: sources thehill.com
‘He’s going to jail’: If Trump really had classified nuclear documents at his home, the consequences will be huge independent.co.uk
Trump Demands the DOJ Release the FBI Search Warrant…That He’s Had All Week vice.com
Trump could face espionage charges regarding nuclear documents taken to Mar-a-Lago peoplesworld.org
GOP backs Trump, escalates dark rhetoric after FBI search apnews.com
Evidence Suggests Trump Tried to Sell Out America for Profit dcreport.org
WSJ: FBI took 11 sets of classified docs from Mar-a-Lago, including some at highest classification level cnn.com
Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant, property receipt show agents found trove of classified docs nbcnews.com
Trump admin-Saudi nuclear probe resurfaces ahead of warrant unseal newsweek.com
Trump Under Investigation For Violating Espionage Act, Search Warrant Shows - A copy of the warrant obtained by Politico also shows the former president is being investigated for removing or destroying records and obstructing an investigation. huffpost.com
Trump warrant papers list 11 sets of classified documents seized washingtonpost.com
Trump calls for ‘immediate release’ of Mar-a-Lago search warrant, says lawyers won’t oppose DOJ move thehill.com
MSNBC’s Beschloss, former CIA director Hayden ‘suggest’ Trump be executed for having nuclear documents foxnews.com
Trump Raid Documents Could Reveal Intel Sources on U.S. Payroll newsweek.com
The FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked top secret, from Mar-a-Lago: report businessinsider.com
DOJ Investigating If Trump Violated Espionage Act by Taking Records businessinsider.com
The FBI Retrieved ‘Top Secret’ Materials from Mar-a-Lago, Document Shows rollingstone.com
FBI seized a series of classified, "top-secret" materials in Mar-a-Lago search axios.com
Trump Doesn't Deny Taking Classified Nuclear Docs in New Statement businessinsider.com
Trump Loses It Over Nuclear Docs Report, Again Suggests 'Planted' Evidence rollingstone.com
Trump denies report that FBI sought nuclear documents during Mar-a-Lago search nbcnews.com
FBI took 11 sets of classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, including some highly classified material amp.cnn.com
The warrant authorizing the FBI search on Trump’s home is unsealed — and it’s alarming vox.com
FBI search warrant reveals agents seized 'top secret' documents in raid of Trump's home cnbc.com
Trump, Supporters Say the FBI Planted Nuclear Secrets and Also That He Can Declassify Things With His Mind slate.com
Meet Judge Bruce Reinhart the magistrate who approved the FBI search warrant into Trump's Mar-a-Lago home receiving threats from MAGA supporters businessinsider.com
DOJ Cited Espionage Act in Trump Warrant; FBI Found Secret Files news.bloomberglaw.com
Read: DOJ’s warrant against Trump thehill.com

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Who’s an “internet famous” person that needs to go away?


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Why do vegan products make people so angry?


Starting this off by stating I’m NOT a vegan. I have been, but some stuff crept back in. What I couldn’t fathom, at that time or now, is why the idea of meat substitutes or or certain cruelty free products trigger such extreme vitriol from people, esp on the cesspool of Facebook, and occasionally here/IG. Name calling, accusations of hypocrisy, pedantry about the shape of a patty or sausage. It used to really bother me, and let’s face it, vegan poking was fun in about 1998, but I can’t help wondering how this has continued for so long. Anyone?

Edit; ‘It’s not the products it’s the vegans’ is a bit of a common reply. Still not really sure why someone making less cruel or damaging consumption choices would enrage so many people. Enjoying some of the spicy replies!

Another edit. People enjoy fake meat for a variety of reasons. Some meat avoiders miss the taste and texture of meat. Some love meat, hate cruelty. Some meat eaters eat it for lighter / healthier meals. It’s useful to have an analogue to describe its flavour. Chicken, or beef just helps. It’s pretty varied. The Chinese have had mock turtle for decades. There’s even a band from 1985 called that! Hopefully save us having to keep having that conversation.

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WSJ: FBI took 11 sets of classified docs from Mar-a-Lago, including some at highest classification level

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The state my ex left my house in after I went away for a week

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Beginner's Luck

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The projection is real

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Discussion One Piece chapter 1057 spoilers


Thanks to redon and Etenboby

Chapter 1.057: "Conclusion".

- Momonosuke and Kinemon (along with Yamato) say goodbye to Luffy and his gang.

- Yamato will not leave with Luffy and the rest, will first travel through Wanokuni and later go out to sea.

- Luffy hands his flag to Momonosuke.

- Luffy tells Momonosuke, Kinemon and Yamato that he will come to find them the moment they want to set sail to the sea.

- Luffy, Law, Kid and their gangs leave Wanokuni.

- At the end of the chapter Momonosuke wonders where they should place the flag.

- End of Act 3 and the end of Wanokuni.


Scans on 19th Aug.

Raws and detailed summary by 18th Aug.

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Politics (OC) My dad just watched Salman Rushdie get stabbed. Audience members had to subdue the attacker.

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SGA To celebrate Gjallarhorn Day, will give Reddit award for every comment that says Gjallarhorn


We’re back for another of remembering that fateful day Xur sold Gjally for only the second time in Destiny 1 (Who needs an Exotic in the heavy slot, amirite)

Now it’s back and wolfier than ever in D2 but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the sheer power that was THE OG Gjallarhorn during its first year in Destiny 1

Let’s go

or LEZGOOOOOOOO as popular strimmers on The Youtube would say after hitting a sick shot with the hardest gun on the game to use, Lorentz Driver 👀

So you guys get thirsty for Gjallarhorn rewards huh

My phone won’t stop crashing when trying to catch up! Keep those Wolfpack rounds flying, Guardians

69 uphorns? NICE

Can we make it to 420 Eternal Blazon?

420 Uphorns blazing up the sky with wolf pack rounds

Ok this went wilder than I expected! Catching up best I can, I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of coins before this GLORIOUS day is over

Happy Gjally day you absolute mad Guardians



Remembering the Horn and it’s many forms

  • Gjallarhorn
  • Gjally
  • Ballerhorn
  • Jellyhorn
  • Pew Pew Wolf pack rounds
  • Why waste your heavy slot on an exotic
  • Crotas nemesis
  • Reggie
  • Big Bad Solar Biscuit launcher
  • Destiny 1: Gjallarhorn Simulator
  • Iron Gjallarhorn
  • LF5, Must be level 34, have Gjally or kick
  • What are doing step-Gjallarhorn
  • The big boom boom
  • Solar burn? Haha fuck yes
  • No Steve, you cannot use Hunger of Crota instead. Well I don’t care if you haven’t done your Nightfalls this week yet. No we can’t do them first we already got a group! Damnit Steve

"If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?" - Feizel Crux

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United States Politician

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Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering Completely Scrapping 'The Flash'

Thumbnail hypebeast.com

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Dating opportunities for heterosexual men are diminishing as healthy relationship standards change.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Off duty police officer pulls gun on gas station patron he suspects of shoplifting, turns out he was dead wrong.

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All the Starbucks employees at the Austin Airport just walked out.

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Poland's second longest river, the Oder, has just died from toxic pollution. In addition of solvents, the Germans detected mercury levels beyond the scale of measurements. The government, knowing for two weeks about the problem, did not inform either residents or Germans. 11/08/2022

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Article John Cena said advice from The Rock convinced him to act like himself in movies: a 'goofball', 'naked'

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Good things take time | Stop Motion


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Almost like your political side is against this very idea

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No symbol of my childhood have aged so horribly

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Video Bracelets at concert that change with the music

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🧾 Buy & HODL 💎🙌 Lol. My man Dave! Throwin the mayo at mayoman.

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remove sugar from most foods and you will realise you don't like a lot of things you just like sugar


I am counting calories and realised that not only is sugar very high in calories but it is also in absolutely everything making me realise I don't like most foods unless sugar is in it. My coffee is disgusting without it. Everything is "unless it's supposed to be savoury ofcourse)

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News The Czech Foreign Ministry called for the introduction of an EU ban on issuing visas to Russians

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